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We bring the BattleTech Cockpit Simulator Pods to conventions, private parties and other events around the country. These pods were originally built by Virtual World Entertainment, LLC., and used in Virtual World BattleTech Centers in the US, UK, Japan and Australia. Dave and Busters restaurants then housed them until 2005 when they were sold to private investors and now travel the country allowing a new generation of MechWarriors discover what they have been missing, or relive past glory.

When originally manufactured, the intent was to install the BattleTech Pods in Location Based Entertainment Venues and rarely move them from that installation. There were a few attempts by Virtual World to temporarily install the pods at conventions and found that it took tremendous effort to accomplish installation and removal.

In 2007, MechCorps Entertainment refit 4 pods for the expressed purpose of convention use. With this refit, the installation time was reduced to a quarter of the previous required installation time when the convention was held in a location under modern building codes. This set became the original Mobile Armor Division set. Since this time more BattleTech pods have been refit to accommodate the requests from Convention Organizers across the Continental United States.

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