Are these guys professional? Will my attendees enjoy the pods?

Recommendations from Convention Organizers

MechCorps was very popular at Chimaeracon 2008. Our convention space is a converted storefront in a local mall. We placed MechCorps’ simulator pods in the convention center’s lobby, where they attracted attention from both con attendees and mall customers.

Chimaera Gaming, Inc.


San Antonio, TX

Download pdf letter of recommendation

Download the PDF

Not only are the BattleTech Simulator Pods of immense interest to convention attendees, but MechCorps Entertainment is also a reliable and professional organization that presents their BattleTech Simulator Pod experience in a very classy way.

Sennin Productions, LLC.


Lafayette and New Orleans, LA

Download pdf letter of recommendation

Download the PDF

To Any and All Convention Organizers: ... I have only two words to say. Do it! ... Not only do they attract gamers and passersby alike to their pods, they (MechCorps Entertainment) are always completely professional, and work with us to contribute as much as they can to our efforts. ... I am very impressed with how professional their entire crew is. During move-in and load-out they show they are a well-oiled machine. Even with all the gear they have to move, they get into the space and set up in excellent time, and move out of the space just as efficiently, with no impact on the other Dealers around them. In short, we couldn't be more pleased with MechCorps, ....


Rice University, Houston, TX

Download pdf letter of recommendation

Download the PDF

It has been a pleasure to work with the Mechcorps folks at both DragonCon 2010 and 2011. They were very easy to work with, very professional and honored all of their obligations. We look forward to their return for the 2012 convention.

David Cody

Senior Director of Gaming

Co-Chairman, DragonCon

Recommendations from Players

Can't wait to get back in the pod!!! :D that was the best 15th birthday present EVER!!!!! :)

Posted on Facebook by Johnna after her 15th birthday party held at MechCorps.

(Dragon*Con) Gaming related guests were not as plentiful... , but of note were the guys from MechCorps who brought out their pods for some Battletech Robot vs. Robot action. I placed first in my game with a Madcat and had a blast with the really unique setup. My pictures of inside the pod didn't really turn out all that well, but trust me when I say that this is something that you should check out if given the chance.

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I managed to get two sessions in last year (at GenCon). It was so great getting in a pod after so long, to get the rust off. I used to visit the Virtual World Center in Circle Centre, here in Indianapols, back in the day. Heck -- I still have the ID card from there.

I would have liked to get more in, but my schedule prevented that. However, this year should be different.

Posted by SteveSpikes on

I did not play last year (at GenCon) but watching was some of the best entertainment I had. It was very interesting just to watch the battles. I unfortunately am realley not that coordinated but enjoyed watching...

Posted by jjd on

BattleTech co-creator Jordan Weisman and I (Mike Selinker) have been friends for 15 years, working together on the BattleTech Trading Card Game in the 1990s and Pirates of the Spanish Main earlier this decade. At Origins this past weekend, we did something we'd never done before: face each other in a 'Mech pod battle. None of us were very good. While I stumbled about in my 85-ton Deimos, Jordan's son Nate flew circles around us in the much nimbler Shadowcat. By the end we'd actually killed ourselves as often as we'd killed each other, but a splendid time was had by one and all. (Thanks to MechCorps for comping us. You guys rule.)

The Most Beautiful Arcade Game: the BattleTech Pods

Mike Selinker's Blog

Virtual Worlds was on hand with a dozen MechWarrior simulator pods. These surprisingly sophisticated sims let players climb into the cockpit of an 80-ton walking war machine...

Mechwarriors, Starships, Martians and More at the Origins Game Fair

Ed Grabianowski -

So what’s it like? When the door to the pod slides shut, you find yourself in an incredibly immersive experience. From the hearty screech when you fire your missiles to the metallic clank when you shift the ‘Mech into reverse, you can easily imagine that you’re sitting in the head of a giant humanoid machine. There’s so much going on in that cockpit it can seem overwhelming at first (even on basic), but the staff gives everyone training before you start, and you get the hang of things quickly. It’s the kind of experience that leaves grown men babbling like excited six-year-olds afterward. “And then Billy came up behind me and shot his Hellfire missiles, but he didn’t kill me, so I fired my jump-jets and came down facing him and fired off everything, but then Roger was there on the other side and shot me too, but I got off one last shot and took out his gauss rifle, and then…”

MechWarriors... Mount Up!

Ed Grabianowski -

Wouldn't it be great if you could hop into the cockpit of your very own 10 meter tall walking war machine and cruise the battlefield just looking to cause trouble? Well you can ...

The next best thing to being there

Dan Eastwood -

The Pods are ... fun ... REALLY fun ... I might have to mortgage the house (it's a good thing I didn't bring the deed!).

ORIGINS 2009: Day 1

Dan Eastwood -

I wonder if I can just hand them my credit card and not get out of them... (the pods)

Posted by "Mattlov" on

Are these the same as the ... Tesla ... pods that used to be located in a Dave and Busters in The burg? (Cincinnati) If so I see where most of my money is going (at) origins

Posted by "clangedinn" on

Count on me showing up and staying all day if it's in Atlanta!

Posted by Chaotic on

Did you ever play Mechwarrior in those VR-style Tesla pods?... Totally badass.

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News is abuzz with the trailer to the new Mechwarrior game that’s coming out for PC and 360. It’s looks fun, but for me, it’s just a trailer on a screen — I’ve had the thrill of sitting in a mech cockpit and mashing buttons in an immersive simulator, and it’ll be hard to go back to playing it any other way.

You haven't been a Mechwarrior until you've tried this

Josh on

I’m sure just about every self-respecting gamer has dreamt of piloting giant robots and wreaking havoc on other robots or unsuspecting populace... Battletech Firestorm is a sim made by Virtual World Entertainment and is pure unadulterated gamer AWESOME. ... I think enclosed being in an actual game pod is probably the most immersive way I could ever game, short of actually being strapped into a 50 ton mech.

Top 5 Most Awesome things about Gencon: BattleTech Firestorm Pods

Wailiong Wong on