Game Description

What is the game? What is BattleTech?

Game Description

Just ONE of the giant mechs available.

The game played in the Tesla II System Pods is BattleTech. BattleTech delivers adrenalin-pumping game action. Every moment counts as the players control a thirty-foot tall, 75-ton walking tank, blasting thier way to victory. They are the pilot of a BattleMech® competing against the other players in the 31st century. Each 'Mech® is equipped with guns, cannons, lasers, missiles and TONS of ammunition to back them up. Thier job is to destroy thier opponents while trying to withstand their opponents vigorous attack. The problem is that each of thier opponents hav ethe same goals in mind. When seated in the Tesla II cockpit, you will be amazed. The BattleTech game is like nothing you have experienced before. The main viewscreen is your view through your giant 'Mech's front windshield. A secondary radar screen helps you hunt down your opponents. Five surrounding smaller monitors display your 'Mech's systems. The throttle, foot pedals and military-style joystick help you pilot this massive fighting machine. At your fingertips are enough weapons to destroy anything in your path.

The Virtual World Tesla II System BattleTech game has a built-in core audience. The game is based on the hugely popular role-playing BattleTech board game, now in its fourth edition. The BattleTech universe includes over five million products. Over 100 titles of top selling science fiction novels and source books have been published. The books have been translated into over 15 different languages. The limited edition BattleTech roleplaying card game sold out within weeks of its release. Activision®'s MechWarrior® series of home computer games have been consistent top sellers as well as Microsoft's MechAssault series for Xbox home game console and multiple MechWarrior PC game releases. Comic books, toys and many cartoon series have made the BattleTech property a worldwide success.

BattleTech is an instant attraction. It is easy to learn and players keep coming back for more. There is always another battle to be won, more features to master and more terrains to explore. Games can be setup with more advanced features for more advanced users. As they progress, more challenges can be put into play; heat, fog, night, or active computer controlled base defenses, etc. Not to mention the varieties of Mech's to master or the dozens of different fields of play. The Tesla II BattleTech systems have generated quite a following. Within Houston and most other major cities, BattleTech leagues have formed. These leagues have various levels that are awarded including the Order of Burton, which means you have successfully passed a Masters Trial (bested other Masters in combat in full expert mode). The leagues have spawned national and individual city tournaments.