Pilot Experience

What will the players experience? What are the pods like?

Information for New Pilots

Compete against other pilots in this immersive game where you are in control of a giant robot, armed to the teeth with lasers, machine guns, missiles, and cannons.

Now imagine how much fun it will be when you bring your friends or family and take them on one at a time, in teams or everyone for themselves on the various terrains. For those who have not yet experienced the Battletech Cockpit Simulator Pods, the Tesla II cockpits created by Virtual World Entertainment featuring the Battletech: Firestorm software, are fully enclosed military style simulators that feature 7 screens, over 90 control systems, and a 12 speaker surround sound system. When seated in the pod, the player pilots one of a selection of BattleMechs onto one of 25 landscapes to compete for battlefield superiority with those seated in surrounding cockpits. We will start you off with a training video where you will learn the basics of Piloting a Battle Mech. You will then select your mission type and your choice of 'Mech. Your first mission will be in a "Trainer" mode that is simple to learn and easy to jump in and have fun. After your battle, you will be able to see how you did as you receive a Mission Debriefing that offers a scoresheet showing your performance in the battle and a "Mission Review" video that allows you to watch a reply of the battle!

For the Experienced Pilots

Have you played the tabletop Classic Battletech? MechWarrior PC game? MechAssault on XBox?

You have the advantage of knowing the 'Mechs and the strategies, but can you pilot your favorite 'Mech in a full simulation?

Those screens and buttons and pedals in the cockpit are not just for looks...

The Training Video shows you the basics, but our Training Staff will show you how to take advantage of the control systems and rule the battlefield in the Advanced Mission Mode. Utilize the Jump Jets, Torso Twisting, Light Amplification, Targeting Zoom, Active and Passive modes, Narc Beacons, and fine control of your Targeting and Weapons systems, just to name a few of the expert piloting options.

Then, get ready for more challenging missions types: King of the Hill, Steal the Beacon as well as Team missions of Capture the Flag, Attrition and Destruction. Read more about these types of missions via MechCorps' Training Manual.

It is not uncommon that we will offer a "Main Event" competition where we look for the best pilots at each convention. Compete for prize and glory and the honor of being the top 'Mech pilot for each convention. Contact us to find out more details.

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